What to Know About Makahiki

If you want to plan a true immersive Hawaiian vacation that embraces ancient traditions, schedule your getaway for late January. This time coincides with the end of Makahiki, which was traditionally a long celebration of prosperity. Every year, Molokai hosts a community festival celebrating the season and invites locals and tourists to partake. Since vacation rentals on the island are going fast, you’ll have to book one soon if you want to attend.

The Origins of Makahiki

Native Hawaiians established the season to celebrate the success of the previous year. Makahiki started in mid-October, and ongoing wars would cease so that the islanders could enjoy their harvests. During this season, each district paid their tributes and taxes to the ruling chief.

Sporting events and games were organized so that the villages could compete with one another. The season always ended with festivals and religious ceremonies to ensure prosperity in the coming year.

Makahiki Today

For over 30 years, the Ka Molokai Makahiki Organization has revived the tradition of celebrating Makahiki to honor and preserve the ancient culture and traditions. Their annual Makahiki festival is held at the end of January and includes lectures, craft workshops, athletic contests, chanting competitions, and traditional ceremonies. Makahiki 2020 will be held from Jan. 24 to 26. All of the schools on Molokai will be participating, as well as a few schools from the neighboring islands, making it a true community event.

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