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Molokai Vacation Properties is a locally owned and operated business in the main town of Kaunakakai. We are located at 130 Kamehameha V Hwy one block east of Paddlers Restaurant on the main highway. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. MVP is a full service real estate company that manages many vacation rentals on Molokai. When looking for your Molokai accommodations, let one of our friendly agents who live on the island assist you.

Molokai Vacation Properties does have corporate accounts with Alamo Car Rental and Mokulele Airlines and can help with flights and car rentals once your reservations is confirmed with us. If you are lucky enough to move here, call us for more information about Molokai Real Estate or Long Term Rentals or visit our webpage MVP can help you find the perfect Molokai property.

Molokai is a unique rural island and unlike the neighboring Hawaiian Islands.  Those who are fortunate to call this home, appreciate the laid back lifestyle.  Here are a few things about Molokai that you may want to consider before your visit.             

  1. We charge a nightly fee, a one time cleaning fee for when you depart, $45 damage protection incase anything gets lost or stolen, $30 booking Fee and the 14.42% GE & TA Tax on the nightly and cleaning fee..   For weekly stays we give you a 10% discount and monthly stays we give a 25% discount.  We do offer trip insurance.  To find out more about our cancellation policy visit our rental contract.
  2. Arrival: Please remember to bring your arrival letter with the lock box code, unit # and directions to where you are staying.   Ideally, you have all information with you so you do not need to call us after business hours Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:00.
  3. A Slow Pace: Unlike our neighboring islands who provide 24/7 access to provisions, Molokai has limited hours with grocery stores typically open from 8:30 to 8:30 Monday – Saturday, and on 9:00 – 12:00 Sunday. Molokai Mini Mart is open daily until 11:00 pm. for basics to hold you over should you arrive after store hours. In addition, there are several restaurants to choose from, however only two are open on Sundays: Hotel Molokai and Molokai Pizza Cafe.
  4. Accommodations:  Upon your arrival you will find an Maui Coffee, Molokai Tea, Molokai Honey Sticks and a few other goodies. We provide some supplies to get your started and if you are only staying 3 days might last you.  If you stay longer, then you will need to buy extra supplies.  All of our units are NON SMOKING therefore, please know an additional charge will be added if smoking is evident.
  5. Insects and bugs: This is the tropics, with this in mind there is a good chance you will experience some sort of bug presence during your stay. Please know that if you happen to see ants, cockroaches, etc. this does not mean your place is not clean. Although we do spray, we do so being mindful of our unique and fragile environment.
  6. The elements: Molokai is a very windy island which can cause lots of dust to be swirling around the air.  We need you to know the cleaners do go in the day you arrive to do a freshen up and usually leave the windows open to have airflow and not be so stuffy upon arrival.  That can bring the dust back in so please do not think your place has not been cleaned.  It’s just something we who live her deal with daily.
  7. Sunscreen:  Please be careful with the sunscreen you use.. There are some sunscreens that will bleach the sheets and towels, not to mention damage our beautiful reef.  In addition, please do not use bleach when using washing machines.
  8. Occupancy: The condo complexes are allowed 4 in a 1 bedroom and 6 in a 2 bedroom.  That does not mean there are 4 and 6 beds.  Houses are only allowed what it says on our website and if more then allowed we will charge $1000 per Maui Country charging the owner the fine.  If in a condo please read their house rules.  Houses will have their own house rules to abide by.
  9. Sirens:  We do have sirens that go off in emergency situations, as well as, testing on the first Monday of every month  at 11:45.  In the event of a true emergency and evacuation is needed,  the nearest shelter is Molokai High School.
  10. Outages:  The Electric Company does experience outages. If you want to find out information on it, please call the Maui Electric.  We do not always know why it went off and when it will be restored. There should be flashlights in every unit that will go on when electricity does go off and some small ones in a drawer.  Please look for it upon arrival.
  11. Internet:  Most of our places do have Internet through Spectrum or Hawaiian tel. If you can’t get your Internet to work you need to call them directly. Please remember this is NOT an emergency phone call to us.   Take it that you need to unplug and start your vacation. 

We hope you enjoy and embrace this opportunity to slow down and appreciate all the beauty this unique island experience can offer. As the locals say, “Don’t change Molokai, let Molokai change you”

Me ke aloha pumehana (With warm greetings)


About Molokai – Data

  • Location – In the heart of the Hawaiian Islands. 26 (42km)miles southeast of Oahu and 8 (13km) Miles west of Maui with Lanai 10 (16km) miles directly south.
  • Size – 261 square miles (676 square kilometers) About 37 miles long (60 km) and 10 (16km) miles wide.
  • Shape – Three seperate volcanoes created the island. Kamakou, in the east is the tallest with a peak elevation of 4970 feet (1813 meters). Maunaloa in the west rises to only 1381 feet (503 meters). A third, smaller volcano created the kalaupapa peninsula on the north shore.
  • Population – About 8000. The majority live in Kaunakakai, the largest town, which is located on the south shore about in the middle of the island.
  • Ethnicity – 45% Hawaiian or Hawaiian ancestry. 25% Filipino. 30% everyone else including Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian, Black, Samoan, Tongan and others.

About Molokai – Weather & Climate

Molokai weather is wonderful year round, with temperatures averaging about 75°F and rarely going 6 or 7 degrees above or below..   In winter (Dec. thru Mar.), the night time temperatures may drop to the lower 60s and you’re more likely to experience a rainy day.

Spring, summer and fall are all very similar with warm days (up to 85°F) cooled by the trade winds and pleasant evenings in the mid to lower 70s. However, on those days when the trade winds are calm, the heat and humidity will both rise a notch or two.

Here’s some climate data taken at the Molokai Airport. Located at about 21.15°N  157.10°W.   Elevation about 449 feet/137m above sea level. 

Measurements are the prior 25 year averages.

Average Minimum Temperature
Average Maximum Temperature
Average Monthly Rainfall

About Molokai – Map & Driving Instructions

Getting around Moloka’i is easy. The highway crosses the island from east end to west end with a couple of roads that branch off for short distances. It’s almost impossible to get lost.
Directions to the condos from the airport:
Ke Nani Kai: Take a right out of the airport parking lot and then another right onto the Maunaloa Highway (460). Next make a right onto Kalua Koi Road. Then take a right onto Kepuhi Place. Ke Nani Kai will be on your right side. Map of Ke Nani Kai.
Kepuhi Beach Resort: Take a right out of the airport parking lot and then another right onto the Maunaloa Highway (460). Next make a right onto Kalua Koi Road. Then take a right onto Kepuhi Place. Kepuhi Beach Resort will be on your left side. Map of Kepuhi Beach Resort.
Paniolo Hale: Take a right out of the airport parking lot and then another right onto the Maunaloa Highway (460). Next make a right onto Kalua Koi Road. Then take a right onto Kakaako Road and a left onto Lio Place. Paniolo Hale will be on your left side. Map of Paniolo Hale
Wavecrest: Take a right out of the airport parking lot and then a left onto the Maunaloa Highway (460) toward Kaunakakai. Follow this highway until you see Wavecrest on your right which is 13 miles East of Kaunakakai. Map of Wavecrest.
Molokai Shores: Take a right out of the airport parking lot and then a left onto the Maunaloa Highway (460) toward Kaunakakai. Follow this highway until you see Molokai Shores on your right which is approx. 1 miles East of Kaunakakai. Map of Molokai Shores.

Even though it’s the same road, you’ll note from the map that it has two highway numbers. 450 & 460. Kamehameha V Highway (450) starts at Kaunakakai and ends 27 miles (43km) east at Halawa.

Maunaloa Highway (460) also begins at Kaunakakai, passes the airport at Ho’olehua and ends 16 miles (26km) west at the village of Maunaloa. Turn at mile 15 to reach the Kaluakoi Resort area. To get to Kualapu’u, Kala’e and the Kalaupapa lookout, take Highway 470 where it branches from 460 in the middle of the island.

There are green mile posts every mile. Directions to someone’s house, a resort or a great beach usually include the nearest mile marker number or landmark. For example; “My house is east 6/10s past mile 12. Mauka (mountain) side” or “Wavecrest resort is at exactly mile 13 east, makai (ocean side).”

While the driving times below may seem a little high for the distance involved, they are based on some real life-on-moloka’i factors. The highest posted speed limit anywhere on the island is 45mph (72kph) and in many places it’s less.

Maunaloa to Kaunakakai – 16 miles (26km) – 25 minutes
Kaluakoi Resort to Kaunakakai – 22 miles (35km) – 35 minutes
Kaluakoi Resort to Kalaupapa lookout – 24 miles (38km) – 35 minutes
Kaluakoi Resort to Airport – 15 miles (24km) – 20 minutes
Kaunakakai to Wavecrest Resort – 13 miles (21km) – 20 minutes
Kaunakakai to Halawa – 27 miles (43km) – 50 minutes
Kaunakakai to Kalaupapa lookout – 10 miles (16km) – 20 minutes
Kaunakakai to Airport – 8 miles (13km) – 20 minutes

About Molokai – Transportation

While getting around the island is a breeze, sometimes getting here can be a challenge.

Airlines Serving Molokai

Hawaiian Airlines – All Islands800.367.5320
Mokulele Airlines – All Islands808.495.4188
Makani Kai Air – Kalaupapa & Oahu808.834.1111

Molokai Airport Information

Ground Transportation
Alamo Car Rental The big guys at the airport. 

Molokai Vacation Properties can make Alamo reservations for you, just fill out a Transportation Request and we can send you a quote!

Rates are per day and are subject to taxes and fees.

Molokai Car Rental Locally owned and operated.

Molokai Outdoors Another local choice.
Toll Free – 877.553.4477
Local – 808.553.4477

Hele Mai Taxi Service
(808) 336-0967

Mid-Nite Taxi
(808) 553-5652-Home
(808) 658-1410-cell
(808) 567-6775-airport

MEO Bus Free bus service run by Maui Economic Opportunity.

800.367.2984 (Toll Free)
808.553.8334 (Direct)

Physical Address:
130 Kamehameha V Highway
Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii 96748

Mailing Address:
189 Makanui Road
Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii 96748