3 Ocean Etiquette Rules to Follow in Hawaii

If you’re checking out vacation rentals on Molokai, you’re in for a treat. Molokai is home to a diverse coral reef, making it a stunningly gorgeous retreat and the perfect place to do some swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Here are some pointers to keep in mind if you decide to enjoy one or more of these activities.

How to Respect the Ocean in Hawaii

1. Don’t Stand or Walk on a Reef

When you look at a coral reef, you may see what appears to be a solid, lifeless, colorful, and beautiful mass. However, what appears to be inanimate is actually alive. Coral provides reefs with their structure, and they’re living creatures. They provide sustenance and a home to fish, lobsters, crabs, octopuses, and other marine species. Don’t disrupt this delicate ecosystem by stomping on reefs.

2. Wear Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Your sunscreen may be damaging to the coral reefs. Certain formulas can bleach coral of their famous colors and promote virus growth, harming the ecosystem. Chemically-based sunscreens are so damaging that Hawaii passed a law to ban them.

Coral Reef with Actiniaria

3. Leave Only Footprints Behind

Hawaii is known for its beauty, and the islanders do their part to care for the land. Keep Mokokai beautiful by never leaving trash on the beach. If you see something pretty, like a shell or turtle, feel free to take pictures, but never remove it from its home. Appreciate the beauty, and when you leave, leave it pristine for others to enjoy.

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